Q-Clūb Pro™($100/mo.)
TrūPoints™: (100 awarded)

Q-Clūb Pro™ offers everything in Q-Clūb Protect (account backup and retrieval services, and priority support), while delivering additional TrūQoin™ (via TrūPoints) to your TrūQoin.io account, each and every month.

Wholesale Value: $145 (When purchased separately)
Pack Price: $100 (An 28% savings)


  • All of Q-Clūb Protect™ benefits.
  • 1 Bottle of Pür-Blends (Essential Oil)
  • Supplemental TrūPoints (see Q-Clūb chart for current amount).

Q-Clūb Prime™($150/mo.)
TrūPoints™: (200 awarded)

Q-Clūb Prime™ offers everything in Q-Clūb Pro™, while also providing added levels of support, and a 33% discount on your selected SmartShip item.  Members will also receive additional TrūQoin™ (via TrūPoints) and Additional Coin Rewards (ACR), so that you can benefit from the continued expansion and growth of TrūQoin™ around the world.

Wholesale Value: $250 (When purchased separately)
Q-Clūb Price: $150 (A 40% savings)

Also Includes:

  • All the Q-Clūb Pro™ benefits listed above
  • Supplemental TrūPoints (see Q-Clūb™ chart for current amount)
  • Additional Coin Reward (ACR)
  • Prime Smart Ship (Choose between MAX4, Silky Smooth, MYKRO, or additional TrūQoin
  • TrūIQ™ & TrūQoin™ Exclusive 1-Click Support
  • TrūCard™ International Visa Debit Card.
  • Exclusive access to advanced TrūQoin projects.

Free Basic Enrollment

Leaders Pack

Leaders Pack: $900

The Leaders Pack is great for those who want to start building their TrūIQ® business, by sharing MAX4 with friends, family and potential Members. With 12 bottles of MAX4, you’re well on your way.

Wholesale: $1,220 (when purchased separately)
Pack Price: $900 (Savings: 26%)
TrūPoints: (1000 awarded)


  • Registration
  • 10 MAX4 oils
    (plus 2 Free MAX4 oils)
  • 2 – Free Silky Smooth
  • Team Office tools for 1 full year

MAX4 Business Pack

MAX4 Business Pack: $450

This pack includes 6 Bottles of our MAX4

Wholesale: $600 (when purchased separately)
Pack Price: $450 (Savings: 17%)
TrūPoints: (500 awarded)


  • Registration
  • 6 – MAX4 Bottles
  • Team Office tools for 1 full year

MAX4 Family Pack

MAX4 Family Pack: $250

This pack is the complete variety pack.

Wholesale: $330 (when
Pack Price: $250 (Savings: 20%)
TrūPoints: (300 awarded)


  • Registration
  • 1 MAX4 Oil
  • 1 MAX4 Body Lotion
  • 1 MAX4 Super-Infused Collagen Lotion
  • 1 MAX4 Body Mist
  • 1 Silky Smooth
  • Team Office tools for 1 full year

1 Bottle MAX4

1-Bottle MAX4: $90

Our flagship product, MAX4 With too many benefits to list here, its never a bad choice, when joining TrūIQ®.

Wholesale: $90
Pack Price: $90
TrūPoints: (100 awarded)


  • Registration
  • 1 MAX4
  • Team Office tools for 1 full year

TruIQ allows legally qualified individuals to enroll for free as an Independent Brand Partner (IBP), without buying anything. However, IBPs may not have full access to TruIQ Global’s Team Office, tools or services. If you want to sign up as an IBP without access to Team Office or the TruIQ business tools, please contact your sponsor or the TruIQ® home office.